Bind Mounts


  • Use a Jekyll "Static Site Generator" to start a local web server
  • Don't have to be web developer: this is example of bridging the gap between local file access and apps running in container
  • source code is in the course repo under bindmount-sample-1
  • We edit files with editor on our host using native tools
  • Container detects changes with host files and updates web server
  • start container with docker run -p 80:4000 -v $(pwd):/site bretfisher/jekyll-serve
  • Refresh our browser to see changes
  • Change the file in _posts/ and refresh browser to see changes


docker run -p 80:4000 -v D:\Programovanie\Github\udemy-docker-mastery\bindmount-sample-1:/site bretfisher/jekyll-serve

Then I just edited files locally in VS Code and checked changes in browser.

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