Rolling Updates

  • Service Update default: replace each replica, one at a time
  • We can customize a lot of that update process
  • Before going live in production, test this a lot
  • Different apps handle session and reconnection differently
  • Few apps do this well, even with orchestrator help

There will be quite a lot of hands on and demo examples for which we need:

New Testing Tool: httping

  • Test a HTTP(s) connection similar to how ping works
  • Shows HTTP response code, colors, CLI GUI and more
  • We'll use container image from Bret Fisher, but also avail on
    • brew install httping
    • apt-get install httping
    • no easy build for Windows
  • docker run bretfisher/httping localhost works everywhere

New Testing App: browncoat

  • Simple web app with settings for acting badly
  • By default, no healthcheck, but functions correctly
  • Different image tags and envvars for changing behavior
  • Purpose: test rolling updates, rollbacks, and healthchecks

Requirements for the sub-section examples

  • Created a 3-node (or more) Swarm cluster

  • Created the swarm Visualizer service

    • docker run -it -d -p 5000:8080 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock dockersamples/visualizer
  • Visualizer looks like this:

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