Docker Events

  • "Actions Taken" Logs of Docker Engine and Swarm
    • e.g. "network create", "service update", "container start"
  • docker events received SwarmKit events in 17.06
    • services/nodes/secrets/configs got create/update/remove
  • Has searching (filtering) and formatting
  • Limited to last 1000 Events (no logs are stored on disk)
  • Two scopes, "local" and "swarm"
  • Not the same as dockerd (journald) log, also not an error log


  • Follow future events
    • docker events
  • Return events from a date until now and future
    • docker events --since 2019-01-05
    • docker events --since 2019-01-05T12:30:00
  • Return events from 30m ago until now and future
    • docker events --since 30m
    • docker events --since 2h10m
  • Return last hour of events filtered by event name
    • docker events --since 1h --filter event=start
  • Only return Swarm related events for networks
    • docker events --since 1h --filter scope=swarm --filter type=network

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