Service Logs

  • Same as docker container logs, but aggregates all service tasks
  • Can return all tasks at once, or just one task's logs
  • Great for real time cli troubleshooting
  • Has options for follow/tail, and other common log options
  • Not for log storage, or searching, or feeding into other systems
  • Doesn't work if you use --log-driver for sending logs off server
  • Therefore: use for small Swarms and testing


  • Return all logs for a service
    • docker service logs <servicename/id>
  • Return all logs for a single task
    • docker service logs <taskid>
  • Return unformatted logs with no trunking
    • docker service logs --raw --no-trunc <servicename/id>
  • Only return last 50 log entries and all future logs
    • docker service logs --tail 50 --follow <servicename/id>
  • Search in logs (both stdout and stderr)
    • docker service logs <servicename> 2>&1 | grep <search string>
    • docker service logs <servicename> 2>&1 | findstr <search string>

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