Secrets (Securely Store Config Vars)

  • Easiest "secure" solution for storing secrets in Swarm
  • What is a Secret?
    • Usernames and passwords
    • TLS certificates and keys
    • SSH keys
    • Any data you would prefer not be "on front page of news"
  • Supports generic strings or binary content up to 500Kb in size
  • Doesn't require apps to be rewritten
  • As of Docker 1.13.0 Swarm Raft DB is encrypted on disk
  • Only stored on disk on Manager nodes
  • Default is Managers and Workers "control plane" is TLS + Mutual Auth
  • Secrets are first stored in Swarm, then assigned to a Service(s)
  • Only containers in assigned Service(s) can see them
  • They look like files in container but are actually in-memory fs
  • /run/secrets/<secret_name> or
  • /run/secrets/<secret_alias>
  • Local docker-compose can use file-based secrets, but not secure

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